Dog Bite Attorney Temecula CA

Dog Bite Attorney Temecula

Have you been bit by somebody else’s dog? Don’t just get your hospital co-pay reimbursed… In California, once you establish ownership, the dog’s owner pays for everything… That’s right dog owners! Tie smuckers up! Call us for the best dog bite attorney in Temecula.

California’s “dog bite” statute imposes a duty of care on every dog owner to prevent his or her dog from biting persons while in a public place or lawfully on private property. 

The statute is designed to prevent dogs from becoming a hazard to the community by holding dog owners to such a standard of care, and assigning strict liability for its breach. [Priebe v. Nelson (2006) 39 C4th 1112]

Under §3342(a) dog owners are STRICTLY LIABLE regardless of whether the dog was previously known to be dangerous. 

Owners of domestic animals are strictly liable at common law for injuries caused by their animals (no matter what kind) if they had prior knowledge of their animal’s dangerous tendencies.

Dog Bite Attorney Temecula – If you or somebody you know has been bit by somebody’s dog call one of the personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Matthew M. Vincent in Temecula today! 

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